Mysterious unexplained phenomena have been a subject of interest and curiosity for centuries.

From strange occurrences in the sky to inexplicable events on the ground, these phenomena continue to captivate the imagination and spark curiosity in people around the world. At Odd.News, we explore the mysterious and the unexplained.

We're a social network that allows users to share their recent sightings of odd, unusual, strange phenomena, (stories, photos, videos, etc.), with the world.

Witness something strange?  We want to hear about it.



We're firm believers privacy is a fundamental human right. We don't track nor monitor your activity.

We're all different and that's something to embrace and celebrate. With customisation features, make the network feel just like home!


Open and accountable

All of the code powering the network is open-source, meaning open for anyone to see. No room for abracadabra algorithms


Friendly and relaxed

Through a combination of our community-crafted guidelines, ethical design and code, we foster an environment of friendliness, respect and openess where happiness is the end goal.


Ethically sustained

Absolutely no monetisation of personal information. 


Community oriented

Discover interests & people by joining one of the existing communities available or create and grow your own!


For a better tomorrow

We are also committed to being a positive influence on society and the environment.


Join the revolution!

Envision a world of kind, open, accountable and respectful technology. Odd.News is the social network of that world.

 Odd.News holds hope for the future, a social network where we are not victims of its business model.