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Clear video footage of a classic "flying saucer" was recently captured during a commercial flight over Colombia. The witness was said to have recorded the video during a journey from Bogota to Salento. In the footage, a small metallic-appearing object seen beyond the jet's wing, travels in a straight line above the clouds, seemingly at an altitude too high to be a drone. Hosting the video, "The Hidden Underbelly" wonders that since there have been previous sightings of similar craft in Colombia, "could there be some localized base or is this some sort of government testing?"

In a mystifying story from Mexico, the attempted rescue of what was believed to be a woman stuck in a well took an eerie turn when police reached the bottom and found that there was no one there. According to a local media report, the spooky incident occurred at around 3:30 AM this past Saturday in the city of Saltillo. The case began when a man who had been walking through a neighborhood heard cries for help from an open drainage well that measures around 20 feet deep. Upon being alerted to the troubling situation, police quickly descended on the scene and set about trying to rescue the unfortunate woman, though they ultimately wound up scratching their heads over how the unnerving event unfolded.

Assessing the situation, cops gathered around the well and shouted down to the woman, asking for her name. In response, they heard her cry out "Jaunita," which seemingly confirmed the concerned resident's report of someone being stuck, though they could see no sign of the woman with their flashlights. Eventually the fire department arrived with special equipment that allowed a rescuer to descend to the bottom of the well. However, to the profound surprise of everyone on the scene, Juanita was no where to be found as the pit was completely empty. A subsequent search of the area, including another well nearby, turned up nothing, which has led many to theorize that the woman crying out from the well was, in fact, a ghost.

Outside of Ufology, most people assume that the Men in Black were the creations of Hollywood. This, however, is very wide of the mark: in reality, the movies were based upon a short-lived comic book series that was created by Lowell Cunningham in 1990. Most important of all, the comic-books were based on real-life encounters with the MIB – which date back decades. In fact, in the movies, the characters portrayed by Jones and Smith are known as J and K. There is a good reason for that: they are the initials of the late John Keel, who wrote the acclaimed book, The Mothman Prophecies and who spent a lot of time pursuing MIB encounters, and particularly so in the 1960s and 1970s. In that sense, the producers of the Men in Black movies and comic-books were paying homage to Keel. Now let’s get to the heart of the matter, namely, the real Men in Black; not those of Hollywood. Who are they? Where do they come from? What is their agenda? If there is one thing we can say for sure when it comes to the matter of the MIB, it’s that they are the ultimate Controllers – they threaten, intimidate and terrify those into silence who they visit. Let’s see how the mystery all began.


Dutch seismologist Frank Hoogerbeets predicted seismic activity in the Mediterranean region could occur between September 19 and 21, including a possible magnitude 7 earthquake.