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Clear video footage of a classic "flying saucer" was recently captured during a commercial flight over Colombia. The witness was said to have recorded the video during a journey from Bogota to Salento. In the footage, a small metallic-appearing object seen beyond the jet's wing, travels in a straight line above the clouds, seemingly at an altitude too high to be a drone. Hosting the video, "The Hidden Underbelly" wonders that since there have been previous sightings of similar craft in Colombia, "could there be some localized base or is this some sort of government testing?"

Bigfoot reportedly spotted from train in remote part of Colorado Shannon Parker reached out to share an experience that she and her husband, Stetson, had on the popular Durango to Silverton train ride over the past weekend. According to Shannon, they were seated near the back of the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad train when they spotted movement on a mountain hillside. The two were shocked when they noticed it wasn't your average animal, instead moving about on two feet. The person beside them grabbed their phone and started recording while Shannon snapped several photos. The video footage that was captured is compelling, clearly showing the Bigfoot creature walking and then squatting down.

In a mystifying story from Mexico, the attempted rescue of what was believed to be a woman stuck in a well took an eerie turn when police reached the bottom and found that there was no one there. According to a local media report, the spooky incident occurred at around 3:30 AM this past Saturday in the city of Saltillo. The case began when a man who had been walking through a neighborhood heard cries for help from an open drainage well that measures around 20 feet deep. Upon being alerted to the troubling situation, police quickly descended on the scene and set about trying to rescue the unfortunate woman, though they ultimately wound up scratching their heads over how the unnerving event unfolded.

Assessing the situation, cops gathered around the well and shouted down to the woman, asking for her name. In response, they heard her cry out "Jaunita," which seemingly confirmed the concerned resident's report of someone being stuck, though they could see no sign of the woman with their flashlights. Eventually the fire department arrived with special equipment that allowed a rescuer to descend to the bottom of the well. However, to the profound surprise of everyone on the scene, Juanita was no where to be found as the pit was completely empty. A subsequent search of the area, including another well nearby, turned up nothing, which has led many to theorize that the woman crying out from the well was, in fact, a ghost.

A bewildered witness in Germany was left scratching their head when they spotted what appeared to be a black triangular craft floating in the sky. The puzzling scene was reportedly filmed on Sunday evening by an unnamed individual in the city of Karlsruhe. According to the witness, the aerial anomaly resembled a "paper glider-like object," but it maneuvered in such an unusual fashion that they were ultimately left uncertain as to what it could have been.

UFO researcher Scott Waring has posted an intriguing video in which he examined a 1967 NASA Lunar Orbiter 3 image, and by digitally lightening areas of a crater, a strange manufactured structure appears to be revealed, hidden inside the crater. He suggests that this is evidence of subterranean alien culture.

The Bridgewater Triangle

The Bridgewater Triangle is an area of about 200 square miles within southeastern Massachusetts in the United States,claimed to be a site of paranormal phenomena, ranging from UFOs to poltergeists, and other spectral phenomena, various bigfoot-like sightings, giant snakes and thunderbirds.The term was coined by New England based cryptozoologist Loren Coleman.

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