UFO hearing previewed by House GOP: 'We're done with the cover-ups'

Tom Kinita posts next to photo on Facebook
"Here you go giant Mako bitten clean in half by god knows what"
"Giant Mako bitten in half by even bigger shark 300 lb head WTF"

Possible Bigfoot Sighting of Massive Creature in West Virginia

It has thick musculature like a gorilla.
At first it seems like a huge bear just at the edge of the tree line until it turns and the profile of the head and shoulders looks like a gigantic gorilla, but there shouldn’t be any gorillas running around West Virginia.
The creature’s face is completely covered in brown fur with just a hint of a mouth able to be seen from the distance of the camera, which is surprisingly close for such unsteady footage. It’s so completely covered in fur that it seems like the backside of a bear at first glance, but as it turns to leave the profile of its head shows the distinct dome-shape and sloping forehead associated with gorillas - or with bigfoot creatures. It disappears into the forest on two legs, revealing a bipedal profile that is very unlike a bear.

Artificial Intelligence Out of Control: The Apocalypse is Here | How AI and ChatGPT End Humanity

The story of humans began a long time ago.

Three and a half billion years ago protein molecules floated around the ooze called the primordial soup. Then something happened and a molecule made a copy of itself.

And then another copy and another. Soon these molecules arranged themselves into something called a cell.

Then cells clumped together and multiplied. Organisms were created. Over the next three billion years, the organisms became more complicated and more diverse.

375 million years ago one of those organisms crawled out of the sea.

4 million years ago hominids emerged. Hominids had large brains and advanced cognitive abilities. They could reason, communicate and cooperate.

200,000 years ago, homo sapiens, modern humans appeared. They developed agriculture, organized into civilizations and became masters of the planet.

The story of humans began a long time ago. But all stories end.

And according to many leaders in business, science and technology: we're in the final chapter. The part of our story where we finally go extinct.

And there's nothing we can do to stop it.