"Shortly before Boyd Bushman passed away on August 7, 2014, he was video recorded candidly speaking about his personal experiences with Area 51, UFOs, aliens and anti-gravity ideas. Boyd was a retired Senior Scientist for Lockheed Martin. His career spanned over forty years, was awarded many patents, and included work with defense contractors Hughes Aircraft, General Dynamics, Texas Instruments, and Lockheed Martin.''

A woman aboard an American Airlines flight was recorded this weekend having a meltdown over a fellow passenger she claimed was "not real" and demanded to get off the plane. The bizarre and profanity-laced video went viral on TikTok on Sunday evening.

This video is from a passenger on the plane with his perspective on the events that took place on the flight from Dallas to Orlando, Sunday July 2, 2023. A woman aboard an American Airlines flight was recorded this weekend having a meltdown over a fellow passenger she claimed was "not real" and demanded to get off the plane. The bizarre and profanity-laced video went viral on TikTok on Sunday evening.

A woman aboard an American Airlines flight was recorded this weekend having a meltdown over a fellow passenger she claimed was "not real" and demanded to get off the plane. The bizarre and profanity-laced video went viral on TikTok on Sunday evening.

James ChampionTo me, she seems more p***** off than she is scared.

Dr. Eamonn Ansbro wrote a paper which indicated earth was under surveillance by extra terrestrials which he presented at a SETI conference in California in 2001.


UFO Hacker’s Victory: Gary McKinnon’s Potential to Reveal Government Secrets about Extraterrestrial Life
Gary McKinnon, a British hacker, has emerged victorious in his ten-year-long battle against extradition to the United States.

He faced charges of hacking into the computer systems of NASA, the Pentagon, and other government agencies. McKinnon claimed that he discovered photographs, videos, and other evidence of secret alien spacecraft held by various U.S. government entities. The British Home Secretary, Theresa May, decided to block his extradition based on medical experts’ conclusion that McKinnon was seriously ill and at risk of self-harm. Although he may still face prosecution in the UK, it is unlikely that further legal action will be pursued against him. Now that the threat of extradition is no longer looming, will McKinnon divulge more about the U.S. government’s knowledge of UFOs and extraterrestrial life?

During his hacking exploits, McKinnon first infiltrated NASA’s Johnson Space Center, where he claimed to have come across a high-definition image of a large cigar-shaped object above the northern hemisphere. Unfortunately, he was unable to save the picture due to its large file size. In a subsequent hack into classified files of the U.S. Space Command, McKinnon stumbled upon references to “non-terrestrial officers” and “fleet-to-fleet transfers,” which piqued his curiosity. According to McKinnon, these discoveries led him to believe that there was a form of off-planet or non-Earth-based technology and presence.

McKinnon’s revelations align with an intriguing entry in President Ronald Reagan’s diary from June 11, 1985. During a lunch with top space scientists, Reagan expressed his fascination with space, describing it as the last frontier and noting developments in astronomy that seemed like science fiction but were real. He also mentioned the capacity of the space shuttle to orbit 300 people. However, considering that the maximum capacity of the space shuttles in existence at the time was eight individuals, Reagan’s comment raised questions about the existence of a classified space program capable of accommodating hundreds of astronauts in orbit.

With the extradition threat lifted and minimal risk of prosecution, McKinnon might now have the opportunity to disclose further details about his findings within sensitive U.S. military and government computer files concerning UFOs and extraterrestrial life. This could potentially shed more light on the hidden secrets and activities surrounding these subjects.

A security camera overlooking a town in Mexico captured footage of a peculiar glowing object streaking through the night sky. The puzzling video was reportedly filmed on June 25th in the community of Tepoztlán and subsequently went viral on social media after it was shared online by a mystified resident. In the footage (seen above), an object erratically zips through the sky and leaves a curious-looking trail behind it. While one might initially dismiss the oddity as merely an insect, towards the end of the footage, the anomaly seemingly reveals itself to be a rather sizeable glowing cylinder.

In response to the footage circulating online, one individual marveled that he had actually something similar in the sky a week prior to the UFO being filmed. ""No one will believe me, but I saw exactly that on the night of June 18," the witness reportedly marveled, "it passed about 5 meters above my house in Colonia Del Carmen, it came from the fields of Xolatlaco and passed in the direction of Amatlán, it passed at great speed staying a few seconds in my field of vision. I wouldn't know how to explain it, because that's how it happened with that flashing light."

Joseph Simonton, a poultry farmer was sixty years old at the time of his encounter with a flying saucer. He reportedly received some pancakes as a gift from the ETs who were inside that craft. The farmer lived near Eagle River, Wisconsin, United States.

On April 18, 1961, Simonton was in the kitchen late one morning in his home when he heard a confusing noise outside. He looked out his kitchen window and was suprised to see a silver disc hovering over his backyard.

The saucer opened up. Sitting inside were three aliens which Joe described as “about 5 feet tall".

One of the occupants of the UFO jestured with a drinking motion, Joe discerned that these strange creatures wanted water. He was handed a container to fill. When he returned with the liquid, one of the aliens appeared to be cooking and Joe made a jesture to the aliens suggesting "eat".
The creatures gave Joe what looked like pancakes, saluted him, and flew away south.

Witness description:
"My trail cam was activated by a raccoon which resulted in the trail cam recording 9 lights flying over the raccoon which did not react to this.
It looks like the lights were on the ground and rose up and then flew over the raccoon.
This property has no houses nearby, or any roads, and it's not a flight path for airplanes.
There were 50ft trees behind the lights, there is no way it could have flown through them."

Source: mufon
Filmed in Orangeville, Canada 6/23/2023 11:53 pm.
Many thanks to the author of the original video.

Disha Kandpal
Tue 4 July 2023 11:28, UK

An Italian researcher has got his hands on “evidence” of the alleged 1933 UFO crash in Italy and the new details are shocking.

The heated discussion about Unidentified Flying Objects started after UFO whistleblower David Grusch‘s interviews last month. In one of his interviews, David claimed that the United States government was in alleged possession of “non-human origin technical vehicles.” He also briefly spoke about the 1933 alleged UFO crash in Italy and claimed the spacecraft was shipped to the US. Now an Italian researcher named Roberto Pinotti is making more claims about the alleged crash.

Researcher says Mussolini set up a department to study Italy’s alleged 1933 UFO crash
In a recent interview with Daily Mail.com, the Italian researcher Roberto Pinotti, president of the National Ufological Center, claims he has got his hands on the evidence of the crash. The alleged crash reportedly occurred on June 13, 1933. Speaking to the outlet, the researcher said, “I and my colleague Alfredo Lissoni began investigating the story of the 1933 UFO crash in Lombardy in 1996 when we received some original secret documents about the case.”

Among Pinotti’s shocking claims is that Italian dictator Benito Mussolini had set up a department to investigate the alleged spacecraft. Mussolini ruled Italy from 1922–1925 as its Prime Minister, and from 1925–1943 as its dictator. The alleged secret department was named ‘Gabinetto RS/33’. Talking about the case, the researcher further says, “The evidence speaks for itself. And it shows that the first world leader who officially (although secretly) faced the UFO problem was not President Harry Truman with the Roswell incident in the United States but Italy’s Benito Mussolini.”

Pinotti says the documents were mailed to him by an unidentified person claiming to be the relative of a person who worked on Mussolini’s alleged UFO program. The Daily Mail notes the mail includes two telegrams one demanding “absolute silence” about an ‘alleged landing on national soil of unknown aircraft’. Another one threatens “immediate arrest” and “maximum penalties” for journalists or reporters covering the ‘aircraft of unknown nature and origin’. Both reportedly say they are the personal orders of Mussolini.

From skies over Missouri to above the Pacific Ocean, commercial airline pilots have recently captured videos that depict unidentified aerial phenomena across the U.S.